Why Should Small Businesses Choose WordPress?

We love WordPress – there, we said it. Whether you’re just looking to blog or you need a great looking website for your small businesses, WordPress has developed into a platform that can handle just about any requirement – and, as we’ve already discussed, make it look great. Of course, there are other Content Management Systems out there, and we may be being a bit biased, but we’re not the only ones who think WordPress makes a great business tool, check out the video below for more reasons why you should choose WP for your small business.

Choosing a Web Designer That ‘Gets You’

web-designWhen it comes to your company’s brand and image there are few things that are as important today as your website. This virtual ‘shop front’ can be seen the world over and can serve as either an amazing conversion tool, taking your visitors from first click to contact form, or a representation that leaves a poor first impression that sees your visitor never likely to return.

With this in mind then it can’t be overstated as to how important choosing the right web design is. Of course, with the advancements in technology, content management systems and more user-friendly hosting companies, it is possible to build your own website quite cheaply, with plenty of good design agencies offering affordable WordPress websites for business. But if you think you’re going to need help, here are some of the things you might want to know about the whole process and how you can be sure that your chosen web designer will ‘get you’. Continue Reading →

Custom eBay Template Designs

In an earlier article we looked at why you would want to invest in a professionally designed eBay template for your listings or your store, in this video from OC Designs, you get to see how easy they can make it for you to get great looking eBay templates to use for your store or listing.

A Professional eBay Template Pays For Itself

We’re going to be adding short video soon that shows you how easy it is to great a good looking template for your eBay listing using one of the leading providers on the web, but first of all we wanted to spend a bit of time looking at why a well designed template is so important if you’re serious about building your eBay business. If you don’t add many listings at the moment or have only just got your eBay shop, it’s possible you’ve not really paid any attention to the option to use a custom template.

Perhaps you’re put off by the cost of having one designed professionally. However, the truth is that an eBay store will really benefit from having a custom design. A professional eBay template design will pay for itself by increasing sales and boosting revenue. There are several reasons people will be more likely to buy from you if you have use a professional eBay template. Continue Reading →

Time To Take Mobile Design Seriously

Mobile & Tablet App DesignIn the past, the world of the internet viewed over the smartphone was seen as something of a secondary concern for many business owners and webmasters. It’s unlikely that many of them, then or perhaps even now, realised just how important the mobile web, and the ever-increasing number of apps, might be for the success of their organisation.

According to industry experts, the growth in mobile is only going to continue, and the fact that Google is changing is whole search algorithm to provide better results over mobile devices, not to mention the choice you have when you’re looking for a specialist and highly-skilled mobile web design or app development company, would seem to demonstrate that this is indeed likely. Continue Reading →

Small Business Websites – The Importance of Good Design

When it comes to their websites, most business owners know that it’s important that they make a good impression. Medium and large-sized organisations usually have sizeable budgets to develop their web presence, so developing an attractive site that will appeal to their target audience isn’t usually too much of a problem. But what websites for smaller businesses – are they up to the same standard?

In a lot of cases, unfortunately not, and many small business websites, from flower shops to pub websites, would struggle to be described as ‘attractive’ or ‘appealing’. These smaller organisations face a number of issues that may make it hard to create a well-designed website, namely time and money. Or at least, that’s the perception of many small business owners.

Many feel that setting up a website would require them to hire an expensive designer or developer, and getting the kind of website they want for their business will therefore cost a lot of money, and also take up a lot of time going back and forth with the designer to get things right. And even if they are able to get the website their business needs, they might think they’re going to have an even bigger headache when it comes to choosing the right kind of SEO services so their site gets found in the search engines. Grapefruit Marketing (www.thegrapefruit.co.uk), a London SEO company who have been achieving excellent results for their clients, say that SEO is so often only considered at the end of the process, when the best possible optimisation really should be at the very heart of any website design. Continue Reading →