Choosing a Web Designer That ‘Gets You’

When it comes to your company’s brand and image there are few things that are as important today as your website. This virtual ‘shop front’ can be seen the world over and can serve as either an amazing conversion tool, taking your visitors from first click to contact form, or a representation that leaves a poor first impression that sees your visitor never likely to return.

With this in mind then it can’t be overstated as to how important choosing the right web design is. Here we’ll then tell you all there is to know about this process and how you can be sure that your chosen web designer will ‘get you’.

Talking tech waffle?

If you’ve phoned a web designer or web design agency that seems to talk in nothing but techno waffle then the chances are that they’ll be more communicative issues to come. A good, personable web designer will speak your language, regardless of the level of your technical expertise.

Loving the look of existing websites

On a daily basis the majority of us will most likely spend a significant amount of time surfing the internet. During this time be sure to be aware of any websites that you like the look of. Generally you’ll find the web designer’s link in the footer of the web page. This additionally ensures that you’ve seen a genuine website in action from their portfolio. Which leads us onto our next point.

Perfect portfolios

The main selling tool of a web designer’s is their past work. Web design companies should always display a link on their website to their portfolio of previous work, so review their collection of websites to get a good idea of design styles, quality and any particular niches that they may cater for.

Your web designer should be as passionate as you are

When speaking with a potential web designer you should feel as if they are as enthused as you are about your business and what is possible in presenting your company online. If they are lack lustre then the chances are that your design will be too.

When’s your deadline?

If you’re working to a hard and fast deadline then it pays to know that most good web designer agencies get booked up 4 to 6 weeks in advance and far from putting you off you should consider this as a sign of their popularity, and hence the quality of workmanship that they produce.

Web Design Pricing: If it’s too good to be true…

When it comes to the pricing of web design services there are no hard and fast rules. However, good web design takes time and consequently you should expect to set a reasonable budget. Whilst there are many companies offering budget packages for less than £150, you should be aware that such services will not be extensive and most certainly won’t include a design that is unique to your business.

You should additionally consider your potential return on investment. For example, if you sell products where every fourth lead equates to a £10,000+ sale, a website that drives such leads effectively through to your contact form can serve as an invaluable ongoing investment.