A Professional eBay Template Pays For Itself

We’re going to be adding short video soon that shows you how easy it is to great a good looking template for your eBay listing using one of the leading providers on the web, but first of all we wanted to spend a bit of time looking at why a well designed template is so important if you’re serious about building your eBay business. If you don’t add many listings at the moment or have only just got your eBay shop, it’s possible you’ve not really paid any attention to the option to use a custom template.

Perhaps you’re put off by the cost of having one designed professionally. However, the truth is that an eBay store will really benefit from having a custom design. A professional eBay template design will pay for itself by increasing sales and boosting revenue. There are several reasons people will be more likely to buy from you if you have use a professional eBay template.

It looks More Professional

Even if you’re selling a product that people want at an attractive price, eBay is a crowded and competitive market. The chances are that a lot of other sellers will be selling similar items at similar prices. So how do you persuade more people to buy from you instead of from competitors? One of the most important ways is to look professional, to reassure buyers that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business seller. A professional eBay template will look far more professional than a standard listing or one of the free templates eBay makes available to everybody. It will look good and give your brand a unique face, while showing that you are a serious seller who invests in the quality of your store.

It Helps Your Store to Stand Out

When people are browsing through a list of search results on eBay, they will often click on a few and look through them all for comparison. Assuming there is no major difference in the items, the one they will stick with and eventually buy will often be the one that catches their eye the most and makes the biggest impression. A custom-designed, professional eBay template will make your listings unique, and help them to create a bigger and more positive impact on customers. They will also help make sure that all the key information and images are clearly visible and laid out well. This will help your listing to engage customers, and make it easier for them to look at your product and assess the key points.

More Functionality

A custom-made, professional eBay template will give your listings extra features that can help boost sales. For example, you might be able to incorporate a separate tab that tells customers about yourself and your business. This will build trust, look more professional, and help them to feel like they know you better and can feel safer buying from you. Alternatively, you can display featured products and incorporate navigation bars encouraging them to browse your store and click into sections that interest them. This makes it easier for them to find other products that might interest them, and can lead to more items being sold to the same customer.

If you’re still in two minds because of the cost, you should look at it as an investment that’s similar to that which any other kind of store would need to make to ensure it could attract the customers is needs. After all, if your store was bricks and mortar rather than online, most new businesses would accept that they’d need to spend some money to make sure they’re business was a success – and your eBay store is no different.

Time To Take Mobile Design Seriously

In the past, the world of the internet viewed over the smartphone was seen as something of a secondary concern for many business owners and webmasters. It’s unlikely that many of them, then or perhaps even now, realised just how important the mobile web, and the ever-increasing number of apps, might be for the success of their organisation.

According to industry experts, the growth in mobile is only going to continue, and the fact that Google is changing is whole search algorithm to provide better results over mobile devices, not to mention the choice you have when you’re looking for a specialist and highly-skilled mobile web design or app development company, would seem to demonstrate that this is indeed likely.

Mobile and everywhere

Statistic clearly show that we have now reached the point where more users use their mobile phone to access the internet than do with a desktop PC or laptop and the trend looks set to continue in the next few years.  In fact, there are estimates that put the current coverage of smartphones at around 2 billion and expected coverage is expected to comfortably hit 3.5 to 4 billion.

So half the world’s population could be viewing the internet through a smartphone but not only that, users expect the mobile internet to be interactive and responsive to touch.  Our mobile phones go everywhere with us and we expect them to help us in our daily life – giving directions, reminding us about events, providing information and much more.

The Google factor

This high usage is the reason that Google are releasing an update in April that will change how sites are rated on their vitally important search engines based on the quality of the mobile website they provide.  Google is looking for sites that give users a faster and smoother experience and will rate sites higher than comply with this than those that don’t.

So why does this matter?  Mainly because Google is the biggest name in search engines and 48% of searches online start with a search engine.  You go to Google, type in what you are looking for and it provides you with the results it thinks are best suited.  It uses many factors to determine these results and when the new algorithm starts, mobile sites will be placed according to their relevance to smartphone users.

Apps for all

The other important statistics for businesses and brands is the amount of time people spend on mobile apps rather than just on mobile sites.  Around 89% of a user’s time is spent using the internet through an app, rather than merely pulling up a website through a browser than might, or might not, be optimised for their phone.  This means that the creation of a quality mobile app is a must for a growing business to attract customers via the smartphone market.


So in your next meeting with your web designer, app developer or general computer whiz kid, the question you should be asking is – how good is our mobile site?  Do we have an app in development?  Because if the answer is no to these questions, you are potentially going to miss out on a lot of traffic from the world of smartphones comes April 21st when the new algorithm begins to shape the mobile world.